Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Best Saturday Ever

Ever since Stephen and I have been married – life has been really crazy. Our first year of marriage was my first year of teaching – enough said. Then, as I concluded my first year, Stephen began PA school. A few short months later, I started teaching a new grade level and began grad school. All of that to say, Saturdays were a day of catch-up – whether it be with laundry, school work, studying, grad school, cleaning, grading papers, grocery shopping, etc. There was always something!

But this past Saturday was different...

Stephen and I slept in until about 10ish – which I never usually sleep in – usually I get up early on a Saturday to get a head start on my never ending to-do list. Then, I made cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury actually made them! I got them from Publix for 25 cents – I am becoming a coupon freak! More on that later maybe…)

We watched the end of game day and some college football. After we ate breakfast, I turned to Stephen and said, “Let’s go to the flea market today.” I added that it was a beautiful day and it would be so nice to spend quality time together (fully anticipating a "no way" response). He agreed – I was a little shocked. It helped that he kind of had a break from school this weekend as he just finished his first clinical and starts his new one tomorrow.

Off we headed to the flea market… I was like a kid on Christmas morning. It has been a long time since I have bought anything for our home. We were only there for a few hours, but I came up with some good buys…

I saw this wrought iron lamp and loved it...

I got it for a mere 12 bucks. It looks pretty plain in the picture, but I still like it a lot. It needs to be re-wired (probably), painted, and a shade – but all of that will be a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new lamp that size.

Then, I found this mirror.

Two sisters were manning the booth. They call their business, “The Vintage Sisters.” One sister sews and the other paints – they refinish furniture, chalk boards, windows, etc. They make all sorts of pillows; some with silhouettes painted on them, some with a chandelier painted on them with diamonds, and others with flowers sewed on - which screams vintage and AWESOME to me. I really loved all their stuff! I wrote my email address on their email list because they send out pictures of new things they complete. Basically, the sisters give you first dibs on their stuff. It is all at a great price too. The other great thing is – the ladies are normal. If I had to meet up with them to get a piece of furniture – it wouldn’t be creepy. Here is their blog, if you are interested: www.2vintage Their blog is not quite as impressive as their booth.

The last and biggest find was two golf clubs. Stephen found a 5 wood and a hybrid for about $100 less than their asking price on EBay. Yes, he came home and jumped on the internet to see just how good of a deal he got! While we watched college football, he sat with his clubs in hand, swinging them in the air. He could not put them down. You would have thought Christmas was in September at our house on Saturday!

Then, Stephen and I cleaned up our house and had the Lexington boys (and their wives, of course) over that evening to watch UK get slaughtered by the Gators. We ordered pizza and hung out. I don’t think I have laughed that much in a long time!

It was the best Saturday ever.

It hit me this weekend that even though I see Stephen a lot, it is not the same as spending time together. Because we have been so busy with the school thing, it is like we have been roommates for the last year or more – which can be a drag at times. It was so nice to feel like a normal, married couple this weekend!

Here's to seven more rotations in PA school! Good luck to Stephen starting his peds clinical tomorrow!

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